July 20, 2017

Shining a Light on…Mark Bailie, Scrum Master & Software Developer

Mark is an original in Core Systems and in the tech industry as a whole – he, as a self-taught coder, is the epitome of how succeeding in your chosen field doesn’t mean having to follow the traditional path of education.


Having joined Core Systems (NI) Limited in March 2016, Mark quickly became an inspiration to the wider team at Core as he took on the role of Scrum Master within our Agile working environment. Not only is Mark a motivating and talented developer, but he is an extremely gifted Scrum Master. And it is a role he relishes.


“I have a lot of freedom,” commented Mark, “freedom to make decisions and freedom to experiment. I have a lot of autonomy and am not glued to my desk. What I really like is not being siloed or isolated – this is a precious commodity in the tech industry.”


It is this freedom that also drives Mark’s future plans. “I do not want to define my future – all I want to do is get better at what I do.” And such self-improvement is evident in Mark’s personal life too. In his spare time he is a keen juggler and he can now juggle with knives – a skill that he has kindly offered to teach to his team mates within Core.


Roll on the next staff party then!