July 7, 2009

Core helps create new guidelines for the UK biometrics industry

Core, a Belfast based company makes a key contribution to the development of the first ever occupational standards for the UK’s human identity and biometrics industry. This is introduced following unprecedented growth in the sector – which now has an estimated value of over £250m*.

Patricia O’Hagan, Managing Director of Core, Northern Ireland’s most experienced biometric identity management experts, was part of the consultation group who worked with R&D Directorate of Skills for Security to set standards for Human Identity & Biometrics. These new National Occupational Standards (NOS) guidelines will not only define the level of competence needed for a particular job role or occupation, but will be widely used to support individual and organisational development and quality assurance. They will also form the basis of a number of qualifications needed within the security industry.

Skills for Security, created in 2006 as the sector skills body for the security industry, has spearheaded the introduction of National Occupational Standards, with key contributions from Core, Human Recognition Systems and Omniperception and consultation with over 102 biometrics and human identity industry specialists, including: The Home Office, members of the Intellect Association for Biometrics (IAfB) and the University of Kent, to name a few.

Two government agencies, the UK commission for employment and skills (UKCES) and Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (OFQAL), were responsible for reviewing and approving the human identity and biometric standards – and passed them at first submission on the 18 June.

Patricia O’Hagan, of Core said “I was eager to contribute to the formulation of National Occupational Standards for the sector. They are very much needed in our rapidly developing industry. This will establish a framework for the development of identity management professionals and help maintain a stream of new talent into the industry. I hope our education providers will take the opportunity to build Human Identity and biometrics into the curriculum.”

Bob Doyle, commercial director at Skills for Security said: “Europe is expected to have the fastest growing biometrics market by 2010 – and the UK in particular is emerging as a key contributor to this growth.

“It is vital therefore that we work closely with key specialist technology partners like Core, Human Recognition Systems and Omniperception and to improve skills and raise professionalism across the security sector.

“These new occupational standards are a vital first step towards improving business performance in the biometrics industry.”

*Source: Acuity Market Intelligence 2007

Patricia O’Hagan, Managing Director at Core