visitor management system

Core’s Visitor Management System is a biometric system that confirms the identity of people as they enter and leave a prison. Core’s system was specifically developed for the high security needs of prisons where accurate identification is essential. It reliably verifies visitors and controls their entry to the prison, their access within the prison and their exit from the prison.


  • Enrolment and Real-time Monitoring of Visitors – The system captures and records basic visitor contact details and site access dates. A real-time display of how many visitors are on site is available. Alarms can be generated when a red-listed or unauthorised person attempts to access the site using a biometric reader.
  • Access Rules- Authorised users set access profiles for each visitor e.g. security clearance dates, site access dates, authorised access areas.
  • Card Printing / Image Capture – Produces photo identification cards
  • Complete Audit Trail of Events – Every event within the system is recorded in an audit trail including alarms and operator actions. Authorised personnel can view the full event history.
  • Technology Independent – The system is biometric independent meaning the best-fit technology for the task at hand can be selected. This may be fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, facial or perhaps a mix of multiple biometric and ID technologies.
  • Reports – A range of pre-defined reports are available such as: Visitor attendance by category and date, name of visitor, red-listed visitors.
  • 3rd Party Links – The system can efficiently integrate with other third-party applications, enabling seamless transfer of information to and from any supported platform.


  • Improves Security – Elimination of unauthorised entry.
  • Cost Effective – More efficient visitor management and staff deployment.
  • Improves Visitor Flow – Speeds up visitor processing; visitors need only be enrolled on first visit.
  • Enhanced Accountability – Full reporting of all system events, user events and alarm events.