cell point kiosk

Cell Point offers a simple and efficient way for Custody Officers to record actions in real-time. It is an interactive kiosk located at the cell enabling Officers and support staff to record actions in real-time. Cell Point offers an extension to traditional custody management systems providing Officers with an interface to record all activities and interactions with those in custody. Cell Point makes is easier for Custody Officers to comply with regulations on keeping full records of a detainees time in custody.

Kiosks can be protected with biometric fingerprint logon or RFID cards to restrict access to authorised users. The system filters the appropriate quantity and level of information to meet the user’s individual access privileges. For example a cleaner’s access is limited to viewing which cells require cleaning and recording when cells have been cleaned and are available for use.


  • Real-time Data Capture - Information is captured at the cell as and when an event happens, e.g. Officers record when an inmate has been given a drink or offered food.
  • Real-time Display and Control - The system displays a definable map of all cells and their current status, e.g. Occupied.  Using the touch screen operators can view details of detainee information.
  • Reporting – Reports can be generated, providing a full audit trail of custody interactions. Reports on the usage and availability of cells can also be provided.
  • Links to Custody Management – The system can efficiently link with other Custody Management systems, enabling the seamless transfer of information to and from any supported platforms.
  • Timed Observations – Cell observations can be set-up to happen at pre-defined intervals, e.g. every 15mins, and the Officer’s response recorded as it happens.
  • Administration Set-up – A full management interface allows the administrator to manage all cells. The software allows users to allocate detainees to cells, set-up cell management, and set-up observation calls etc.
  • Device Integration - The system can link to cell management devices controlled by our OneTouch software including cell doors, hatches, locks, cameras, cell call and intercoms.
  • Optional Fingerprint Login to Kiosk – Each kiosk can be protected with biometric fingerprint login to restrict access to authorised personnel.


  • Improved Accountability – Cell Point Kiosk provides a full independent audit trail recording all events of who, when, where and what happened.
  • Reduce Administration Overhead – Information is easily entered as and when it happens, ensuring accuracy in real-time reporting.
  • System Security – The system is protected with Biometric fingerprint login or RFID card, which restricts access to authorised personnel. If an RFID card is compromised or lost, it can be instantly disabled from the kiosk.
  • Improved Safety – The system can display detainee markers such as bio-hazards thereby reducing risks to Custody Officers and support staff.
  • User-friendly Interface – Easy to use touchscreen graphical display, based on the custody area layout, showing all cells and their current statuses.